Colombia hides various destinations and fantastic places , but Valle del Cauca gets all the charm. You will be able to find culture, nature and adventures, all in one destination. We start in Santiago de Cali, where you will be astonished by the nature that surrounds the city and live enchanted moments walking threw ancestral streets. In this piece of heaven, gastronomy and regional´s culture will lead you to magical moments, which will make you fall in love with this enchanted valley.

Tour days: 5


Hotel Dann Carlton (Santiago de Cali)
Los Viñedos (Unión Valle)
Hacienda el Diamante (Buga)


$ 5,520.000$ 6,230,000$9,066.000$12,830.000$16,650.000


$ 1,415$ 1,600$2,325$3,290$4,270


€ 1,285€ 1,450$2,110$2,985$3,875


Price Starting From:


Cali – La Unión/Roldanillo – Buga

  • Complete meals from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day.

  • Accommodation according to the number of nights at Hotel Punto Verde, La Fuente, Cascada (Subject to availability).

  • Activities described.

  • Internal river and land transport to carry out the activities.

  • Permanent spanish speaking guide.

  • Hotel insurance.

  •  Medical assistance insurance.

  • Flight Ticket from Bogotá – la Macarena – Bogotá

  • Luggage carrier from airport to hotel.

  • Hydration for activities.

  • La Macarena airport tax.

  • Unspecified expenses · Entrance tax to La Macarena $ 29,000 / $8USD Nationals and $ 49,000/ $14USD Foreigners. Payment due at La Macarena airport (these prices are subject to change).

We want you experience to be unforgettable. Explore this map to understand what region of our beautiful country you will find yourself on.

Accordion ContentPlease keep in mind that all our plans, unless otherwise mentioned, start directly at the Amak destination mentioned directly in the plan description. We want to provide a full-service experience, therefore, are providing a way for you through book a ticket to arrive where the adventure begins. Please follow this link to book your flights with our partners at Tiquete Ofertas (they are part of our tourism holding company and specialize in bookings). WWW.TIQUETEOFERTAS.COM
If you have any questions regarding your booking, please contact us directly at support@amak.com.co and we are happy to help.

The flight from the city of Bogotá is included in your package.

Remember that the plans you are booking with Amak are amazing adventures and require a little preparation beforehand.
Given that a lot of the experiences include a lot of exposure to nature, including but not limited to hikes, swimming, 4×4 transports, horseback riding, it is important that you follow our recommendation guide for items that should be included in your bags to make sure your experience is smooth and enjoyable.
To arrive at your destination, it is common to experience several transfers (air, ground, water transport) and therefore it is important that you are comfortable during your initial voyage to make these transitions as easy as possible.

• Your choice of bag is particularly important. We recommend a backpack style of bag to make carrying it easy during your transfers.
• At the time of packing, make an outfit per day and put it together in a plastic bag to make it easier to take out day to day.
• Wear comfortable clothes, long lycra style pants for walks, cotton shirts with long sleeves to helpt avoid bites. If you like dresses and shorts you can wear them, but do not forget to bring a good repellent for bites. If you have activities such as horseback riding, we suggest you also pack jeans.
• All our adventures include water activities so be sure to bring at least one swimsuit.
• Footwear is extremely important for your adventure. We recommend sneakers with an anti-slip sole that can get wet, or boots made specially for hiking. Plastic sandals that have straps that tie your foot down well to avoid slips and falls, or to avoid them falling off your feet getting lost (a croc style shoe also works well).
• Without fail, bring a plastic or waterproof poncho to keep you dry during rainfall.
• Survival kit: Seasickness medicine, strong repellent such as Nopikex, sunscreen that has at least 50 SPF protection, hat or cap, water thermos to stay hydrated all the time.

Please remember that you are coming to a country that has tropical weather which means that temperature ranges are easy to predict, but day-to-day weather is pretty much impossible to predict. It can vary from rainy to sunny throughout the day, stay consistently great from start to finish, and even constantly rain. Below, we are going to provide a loose guide/breakdown of what you can expect for each region of our plans:
Bahía Málaga, GorgonaNuquíBahía Solano: Weather can include heavy rain, therefore pack accordingly for this type of weather.
Palomino, Tayrona, Mompox, Valledupar: Warm and mostly dry.
Guajira: Warm and dry during the day, but temperatures drop at night so make sure to pack something warm for the evening.
Cali, Valle del Cauca: Warm and dry.
Eastern Plains, Caño Cristales: Depending on the time of year it can be warm and dry (December to April), or warm and rainy (June to October).

Please make sure that you are able to attend your trip before booking.
Given the nature of our custom experiences, the spaces are limited and prepaid reservations of the hotels this policy is strict.
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions regarding our cancellation policy.


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